Pastor's Words

Good Day, Beloved Ones of GBC,

It seems like ages since we’ve been together for worship and fellowship.

I sorely miss seeing you and “shaking your hands.”

I've been on the phone with several of you today and am glad to report

that all those to whom I spoke are doing well in spite of being “quarantined”

at home.


As I said in Sunday’s message, “This too shall pass.” The Lord God of Heaven

and earth is still on His sovereign Throne and He is in control.


I hope you will be able to “tune in” to the service at 10:45 Sunday morning.

Pray for those of us who seek to make it an uplifting and spiritually profitable

time for you, and to glorify our Lord.


Feel free to contact me whenever I can be of any assistance. My phone number

is 417-234-9297, and e-mail is


Keeping my “social distance” at home,

Your transitional pastor,

Brother Jim