Pastor's Words

Spring has sprung.  That's right spring is here - yeah!  I love the spring season when everything is made new.  The birds woke me up this morning singing and the day had a crispness to it that only spring brings.  A NEW BEGINNING.  Wow that sounds great.  Isn't that what JESUS did for us on that great Resurrection Day.  Come join us as we celebrate this SPRING with each other and with JESUS.  I really do want to see you here.   

The history of this church for 95 years has been a leader in the community in missions and outreach.  For a long period of time Glenstone Baptist was the ONLY church on Glenstone Avenue in the city limits.  We are proud of our past and those who have served here before us. 

But we are aware of the ever changing landscape in church work and around our facilities. Daily we are in contact with BROKEN people living in a messy world.  In 2024 we have taken the theme "Doing More in 2024 for the Broken"

Everyone of us at some point in our lives feel broken in some way.  God always breaks us before he is able to make us valuable to use.  Like a beautiful stain glass window - the pieces must be cut, broken or in someway shaped and then put intentionally into place to make the beautiful art the artist dreamed of.  God may be cutting you, breaking you, and shaping you because of the beautiful masterpiece HE has in mind for you.

Don't give up on GOD HE sure hasn't given up on you. If you are looking for a church home come join us this coming week.  

Sunday mornings we will be looking at REAL BROKEN PEOPLE God changed and made a masterpiece out of.  Who knows you may see youselves in some of these folks.  I would love to see you and get to meet you this week.

Because Jesus Lives!

Bro. RON

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