Senior Moment


     Senior Moment

Glenstone Baptist Church, December, 2019




When we read the Bible, frequently we limit our thinking to the passage or events which are surrounding our thoughts and days. This is a natural reaction, but at this time of the year we may think of one thing more than any other—CHRISTMAS! The story of the birth of Jesus gives us a very good foundation for life.


The Bible tells us of the creation of mankind, his choice to sin and his condemnation which would separate him from God eternally. As such, he has no basis for any other hope. But, God loves mankind and desires a change which man alone is unable to make, so before time as we know it, God planned a different future for His favorite creation. He planned for a means of salvation which would be adequate for all people in all time. This plan required a blood offering to redeem man from all sin.


Inasmuch as man’s understanding is generally limited to only the things which are tangible, God told mankind repeatedly that a way of redemption exists, but only in the divinely prepared way. The result was the physical birth and life of His Son, Jesus. It is true that many have rejected this person and His role. I am sure that at the time of Jesus’ birth and life it was difficult for most people to have any understanding about His person and the role He was to pay for us. In fact, it is still beyond our understanding. We still ask, “How could such a thing be?” And we find that it originated in the mind of God and is beyond human knowledge.


What kind of price would you have been willing to pay to be rid of your personal sin if it had been possible to buy it? Imagine your grief when you learn that the only sin offering which the Word of God offers is that of a blood sacrifice—your blood. And then, realize that Jesus gave His life for you, me and for all people who would accept it as the payment for our sins. He died, was buried and rose again from the dead. Yes, that is beyond our understanding, but it is the way which God has prepared.


The advent of Christmas makes the redemption of mankind a little easier for us to understand or accept. Simply put, God sent His only Son into the world that we might understand a little more about His love for all. Jesus would come, live here and die for us that we might believe in God and His redemption. We are not relying on the words of prophets long since dead, but we sense a relationship with a living Christ who died for our sins.


So what difference does it make? For those who accept Him, it means a new life here and now, and also a different future, for we now will have an eternal home in heaven with Him and with God the Father and with all the other souls who have accepted Him and the atonement which He offers. With this, we accept the coming of Christ about 2000 years ago. Although we do not know the exact date of His coming, we celebrate the fact and the change in our lives.



(Here are the answers to the puzzle which was in the Senior Moment last month. 17 Bible books are mentioned here. Answers are both underlined and bold.)

It could have only been a fluke that led us to the market yesterday. We arrived just in time to see our favorite comic. Ahhh! What a treat. We learned that the comic had just signed several new contracts to perform in our area. We also enjoyed the banjo elements of a blue grass band. And we arrived just in time for a huge rainstorm.

Working quickly, my mom chose a lovely melon and some delicious low-sugar jam, estimated to have just 5 calories per serving. (If you want to know the truth, I seriously doubt that claim.) When we asked one vendor why her tomatoes were so large, she explained how she could format the watering system to run only, and always, when needed. What a great way to do the job. With the rain now coming down in sheets, her plants would need no watering today.

We noticed a mostly-empty stall where someone could probably make a lot of money. In fact, we started crunching some numbers, wondering if we might be able to sell our garden produce there in the future.

After a short while, we took a break under a roof. My elderly mom needed to rest her feet. Then I realized I was exhausted, too. (It’s not in the genes, is it?)

Meanwhile, my big brother tried to be a hero. Man, someone should tell him to be more careful when he runs into the street to fetch a little kid’s soccer ball. He should more accurately judge speeds of oncoming traffic, especially in the rain.

As we were leaving, we again discussed the empty market stall and talked about trying to sell our extra beans and corn there. After performing some careful calculations, my big brother said, “Nah. Umbrellas are the way to go. Lots of people sell vegetables, but no one is selling umbrellas!” Today that would have been a good item to sell.


Q: When does Christmas come before Thanksgiving? A: In the dictionary.

Q: If you drop me, I'm sure to crack. Give me a smile, and I'll always smile back. What am I?

Ans: A mirror.



At the time of this writing, plans for our December GO TEAM meeting are still partially incomplete. Stay attentive for announcements in the near future. I understand that part of the program will be a special music feature by a person who sings in Branson.


There was supposed to be an image of a Christmas ornament here, but I am not able to get it to print here.

Don’t you like a little bit of ornamentation? I do, but am sorry that it couldn’t be in color. But, like people the ornaments are not alike. They are of different sizes, shapes and if they were colored, each would be different.

But isn’t that the way we are? And at Christmas we each want gifts which are different. Take a moment and think about what you would like to have. How would it differ from what someone else might desire or need?

Perhaps a better decision might be made if we determined our gifts by needs rather than desire.

My desire for you is that your Christmas might be filled with the joy of having Christ in your heart and life.