October 2019  
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Pastor's Words

Greetings in the Name of our Lord Jesus,

The Lord used our evangelist, Dr. Julius Raines, to speak to our hearts during the revival meeting.

Pray with me that THE REVIVAL will continue.

This transition time between pastors is an excellent time for each of us to take a close look at our

spiritual lives and allow the Lord to make whatever changes He sees fit to make. And it is a good

time to pray for the leading of the Lord in whatever changes He would make in the life of Glenstone

Baptist Church. Only He really knows what ails us, and only He can prescribe the cure.

Following are four questions which I will put to our Transition Focus Team, and now I put them to you.

1. What is your vision for GBC five years from now?

2. What must YOU do for that vision to become reality?

3. What must CHANGE in you and in the church for this to happen?

4. Are you willing to change?

Next Sunday morning we will observe the church ordinance of The Lord's Supper. Please follow Paul's

admonition to "examine your heart" in preparation to worship at the Lord's Table.

I'm looking forward to the picnic Sunday afternoon! Get ready to cut the flour cake!

Enjoying being your Transitional (Temporary) Pastor.


Because He Lives!

Brother Jim